Seems endless

Living in the south, particularly Arizona is no fun.

I have been living here the last 20 years or so because I relocated for a job promotion.

While the job promotion has been nice for 2 decades now, the climate, the air quality and the temperatures have not. It seems as if it is one hundred and twenty degrees a good majority of the year! I am always having to run the air conditioning on my central heat and a/c unit. This makes my electric bills super high every single month of the year nearly. The only time I even get a break from having to run the central air conditioning all of the time is between the months of December and March. Come April until the following December, it is air conditioning needed all of the time! The heat is so bad that even a portable air conditioning system would not be able to do its job. I so I can not even use portable HVAC equipment to save money on my monthly electric bills like others do in the country. Not to mention, this place is depressing in general. Who in the world wants to look at rock and gravel outside your house? I miss grass and plant life! Also, the air quality is so horrible, I experience serious allergies that I never had in my whole life. I was never an allergy person before this. I am glad I have a whole home air purification system in addition to my top quality central heating and air conditioning unit.

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