Shopping for a new air conditioner with my parents

During our last phone call, my mother asked me if I could go shopping with her since she knew I was cooped up in the house most of the time since I started working online.

  • My mother, Serah, said she wanted to own a fancy gadget like my one, and I knew right away that she was referring to my thermostat.

I was surprised that she had changed her mind since it had been two years since I asked her to get one, but she was adamant. When I got home the next day, I was pleasantly surprised. My parents were renovating their home, and my mother had not mentioned it during our regular calls. It turned out that they wanted me to accompany them to their first meeting with the cooling representative at the cooling corporation. I knew very little about the cooling industry, and my trip there would change that. By the end of the visit, I had learned more about air conditioning from the cooling specialist than I had in years as a homeowner. The HVAC tech gave them all possible HVAC equipment options. It was not long after that we settled for a mini-split air conditioner. Given everything the professional had told us, we knew it would be the best quality air conditioner to help with indoor comfort. They, however, could not get the whole experience with the new air conditioner until the completion of the renovation. The cooling tech also reminded them they must have yearly maintenance to prolong the cooling equipment’s lifespan and avoid too many air conditioning repairs. Two weeks later, everything was complete, and the house looked beautiful. The interior and the indoor air quality were better than they had been for ages.

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