Shopping for an air purification system blindly

I was doing retail therapy last summer when I came across an air purification system.

It promised to improve the air quality in any space and help with indoor comfort.

I thought of it as a perfect addition to our quality HVAC unit, thinking it would save us from the multiple HVAC maintenance calls, especially since there seemed to be increased dust in the air that season. I pressed buy and went on to wait for what I hoped was the best air quality system in the market. All I needed to do was call an HVAC professional to install it once it was delivered. When the HVAC technician came over, I realized my mistake in my rushed purchase. I had not considered the system’s specs when buying it for my house. The HVAC company expert told me that the unit was the same as buying an air filter and that what I had bought was ionized, which would not work well since my house has many metallic features. I also did not need to add anything to what I already had in place, so it was a wasted purchase. However, I mentioned the dust situation, and the technician recommended I sign up for their home service duct cleaning to remove any accumulated dust and change the filters. While cleaning, I got the idea to call the local contractor who’d handled the house’s ductwork when it was built and ask him if he could purchase the purifier. Lucky for me, he took my offer, and I ended up recovering my money because it was quality equipment, just not for my house.

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