Should have better HVAC given what I pay in rent

I am so utterly tired of renting the place I lay my head.

This has been the case for as long as I have been an adult.

And I’ve just had enough. I think it’s this latest round of rent hikes without any sort of consideration for my apartment. The HVAC equipment is more than 25 years old and can’t keep up with air conditioning demand in the summer. And I’m not talking about keeping the apartment at 72 degrees either. This region sees summer temperatures that are hovering around a hundred degrees. Add to that some stifling humidity and you know what I’m talking about. So I try to keep my apartment between 83 and 85 during the peak heating hours of the day. And even then, the HVAC unit can’t get it done. Yet, raising my rent another hundred plus dollars seem reasonable to the landlord. Honestly, I’m just over it and ready to find a place of my own. I’m still saving for that downpayment but I’m going to get there before I’m 32. At least, that’s my plan. When I do get that first place of my own, I’m going to get some really great HVAC equipment. I mean this is going to be state of the art residential HVAC stuff. Just being able to sleep through the summer without sweating it out all night will be so great. Until then, I’m getting ready for another summer of air conditioning that just can’t get it done. Oh and I’m not so thrilled to get to pay more for the honor either.

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