Sitting on a Cool 117 Ethereum Classic Coins

I’m not going to bore you with my crypto talk but I just bought 117 ETC coins and am going to sit on them for the next six months and hopefully make back a chunk of HVAC industry money that I so hastily lost.

Today it has jumped up 15% already and I am now convinced that we are on a long term bull run once again.

I bought at the peak and lost 95% of my money that my HVAC rep dad gave to me when he died and I just can’t live knowing that, so I am going to patiently get it back. I can’t tell any of my family about the loss or they will all turn against me thinking that I just tossed it away without appreciating what I got. I know my dad worked hard with his HVAC company to make that money and I am not going to just throw it all away. Just because it is down right now doesn’t mean that it can’t come racing back over the next few months just like it did when it went diving down to the bottom the past several months. I think that cryptos are due for a bull run and it looks like it is starting now. I will have to live frugally for the next six months and work more at the heating and cooling corp, but I firmly believe that I can make back what I lost if I am patient and not too greedy. Life has a way of working out if you are patient.

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