So grateful for the best heating and cooling ever

For sure, I could feel the twist in my stomach when the HVAC technician explained that our HVAC unit was at the end.

Of course, that made sense from a time frame perspective.

Also, I had to recognize that 24 years of service from an HVAC unit is not bad at all. Yet at the same time, I just was so not into dealing with all the details that went into buying a new HVAC unit. Still, the fact remains that I had no choice so I called to make an appointment with the HVAC contractor. We’ve been using the same HVAC company since we first moved here. Well, I love pleasant surprises end the meeting with the HVAC professional sure was great. First off, he did the listening because he wanted to understand what I needed. He asked some key heating and cooling questions about what we liked about our old HVAC unit and what we would like to improve. He put all that together to help deliver a variety of new residential HVAC options. And then he broke things down my preference and price which was very valuable. There was not one instance of being pushed or prodded to buy anything particular. Quite the opposite really as he suggested I go home talk to my wife and do some research on my own. Of course, that’s what we did and I have to say that was a reassuring part of the process. And now, we have some of the best quality heating and air I could ever have wanted with all the HVAC technology we need.
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