Some people really like to use electric space heaters

Over the years, I have noticed that some people really love to use electric space heaters in their houses for some reason. I have always hated space heaters of any kind. Whether they are an electric space heater or a little gas powered space heater, I think that they are dangerous and I will avoid using them at all costs. I remember when I was growing up, my grandparents always had space heaters placed here and there throughout their home and I hated them. I was always afraid that I was going to accidentally touch one of them and burn myself, or that my little brother was going to try to pull himself up on one of them when he was learning how to stand up. That would have been terrible because the whole thing could have tipped over and caused a fire or something like that. I can’t imagine having a baby or a little child get burned because of something dumb like an electric space heater. I don’t even think that they are very energy efficient, so I don’t really understand why my grandparents thought that using space heaters all around the house was a good idea. I mean, they had a perfectly working furnace system in their house, and I think that using that would have been more energy efficient than the electric space heaters were. Either way, it doesn’t matter now, because I am an adult with my own house and I refuse to have any kind of space heater at all. I just won’t use one.


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