Splurging on a new HVAC system

I tried to approach retirement with the same gusto I always brought to my career.

I looked at it like a “finish line” of sorts, indicating I had won the race and could spend the rest of my days taking it easy. Thanks to sound investments and a robust retirement package, I didn’t have to worry about money. In this economy I understand how rare that is. I sold the old family home and moved down south, to a condo located in between the beach and a golf course. One of the first things I splurged on was buying a new central HVAC system with a smart thermostat. This wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill heating system, this was the best one available for people of my age. The radiant heated flooring I had installed in my bedroom and bathroom has truly been life-changing for me and my retirement. Radiant heating uses hot water pipes under the floorboards to provide a gentle but constant source of heating. For older people with arthritis or joint problems (I have both) the radiant heating provides a steady source of relief, because cold floors can make every step painful. The new radiant heated floors reduce the pain in my feet and legs, which makes me feel so much more spry and youthful. This kind of heating system is not cheap, it’s actually one of the most expensive around. At this stage of my life I needed to splurge a little, and get a heating system that would make my remaining years a lot more pleasant and relaxing.

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