Starting a podcast

One of the things that I have constantly wanted to do is start a podcast with my best friend, and ever since all of us were young, one of our favorite things to do in the world was go on long road trips that weren’t totally necessary and spend that time talking about life while listening to podcasts, and we already have our first podcast episode planned out where all of us are going to tell a story about how there was one time all of us were driving across the entire state when swiftly the air conditioner stopped laboring; My best buddy drives a elegantly yet extremely old truck that has an aged air conditioner, and despite the fact that all of us are both pretty handy when it comes to fixing Heating and Air Conditioning related things, there was nothing that all of us were able to do when all of us pulled over and tried to address the problem! Because of the lack of air conditioner while in the Summer heat all of us were in all of us ended up having to spend the rest of the trip with the windows down and the wind was so loud all of us couldn’t hear ourselves assume for the next 6 minutes on the road, let alone any music or podcasts.

This podcast might not be as popular as all of us hope, or it might be who knows, either way I think it will be so much fun to kneel down with my neighbor and let it all fly!


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