Staying Cool on These Hot Summer Nights

We have about five or six more weeks of summer and then all of the tourists will leave and the temps will start dropping rapidly.

Actually, around the beginning of September everyone pretty much leaves our town to go back to school and back to their normal lives.

It’s just one endless party here in the summer with each day being Saturday more or less. I need to stay disciplined during summer because one can feel left out when everyone else is partying each day and night. I have a job at the heating corp in the winter doing heat pump repairs in customer’s homes. During the summer I don’t work so much and usually do more online writing and things like that. I like to keep my summer work schedule light so that I can hang out with my friends on the beach till late at night and just have some fun while cooling off after some games in the sand. I may ask this girl out one day when I am brave as I have talked to her many times in the local business where she works, but I am a bit scared to do it because she seems too pretty for a guy like me. Who knows though, you won’t win the race if you don’t lace up and give it a whirl. Maybe I can go in and ask her for help programming a smart thermostat, even though I already know how to do it! If you sit back and just wait for it to happen you could be sitting for a long time.


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