Staying home in the air conditioning going forward

It’s like this Covid thing just won’t go away.

Of course, I’m thrilled that there are vaccinations available these days so my life isn’t in danger.

I spent more than 18 months cooped up inside the central air conditioning of my home when the pandemic started. Even if the company had not closed the offices with the zone controlled HVAC, I couldn’t have worked there. That’s due to the fact that I am immuno-compromised and the early days of the pandemic were terrifying for me. And with Covid going on and on, it’s nice that I made the decision to stay home. When the company opened back up and that wonderful zone controlled HVAC was turned back on, I chose a different route. Thankfully, my company was willing to allow me to stay working remotely. That had a lot to do with the fact that my work excelled during the time that I was home in my own air conditioning doing my work. I found out that working from home really is better for me personally. The interruptions and the constant drama in the office had more of an effect on me than I thought. Working from home in the central air conditioning of my house was remarkably better when it came to the quality of my work. So these days, I have my own office that used to be the guest room. I even had the HVAC company come in and install a ductless heat pump so I have the sort of heating and cooling that rivals my old office.

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