Summer makes me unhappy

For most, the summer time months of the year are a time to celebration, go on getaway plus just prefer life, but not for me plus others who are sadly stuck residing in the southwest.

This is the absolute worst locale to be period.

But it is even worse in the summer time months into the fall months. It is a time of year that means deadly creatures care about scorpions are on the prowl more than usual, bad air quality plus on top of that, having to run the central a/c machine cranked absolutely high twenty four hours a day plus 7 afternoons a week! There is no going to a beach plus enjoying summer time air plus the ocean. There is no having backyard BBQ’s. It is to be blunt, sheer utter hell, plus the a/c runs overtime! You are in your beach beach house breathing in nothing but a/c because if you dare go outside for more than 5 minutes you will have a heat stroke or dehydrate. Not to mention you will also have major dust sensitivity reactions from the bad air quality. Air conditioning is the only air you will breathe. This is why it is wise to get a whole beach beach house media air cleaner if you live in this region. A whole beach beach house media air cleaner will help at least get some fantastic air quality into your beach beach house while I was in the 9 months of this junk every year. Only 3 months of fantastic temperature. Sad to say the least. I hope to be able to transfer from here next year.

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