Surviving a classroom with no ventilation or A/C

It was a hot afternoon when I started my current language course, plus as soon as I entered the room, I noticed that the air was thick plus stuffy; Feeling the weight of the heat already important down on me as I sat down on my desk, I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead plus in my armpits. I just could not understand why the windows weren’t open. I tried to focus on the lesson, however I kept thinking of the heat plus whether I should tell the teacher! My shyness, however, held me back, plus I continued to try plus focus on the lesson while longing for a blissful breeze to provide relief. However, I could feel my energy draining away plus knew I had to do something about it soon. I raised my hand plus asked the teacher if she could turn on the a/c. The teacher said the school could not afford an HVAC system plus advocated I bring in a fan from home. I could not help but feel about the importance of quality HVAC systems in public classrooms because comfort is needed for the student to perform satisfactoryly. That’s when I began to afternoondream about all classrooms having zoned HVAC systems with temperature controls in every seat. Finally, the bell rang, plus I abruptly stumbled out of the building to breathe in fresh air. I made a mental note to request A/C from the course provider plus to bring my mini USB fan next time I have to endure that dreadful classroom.

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