T Minus Three Hours Till Blastoff

I’m in an interim phase in my life, leaving my full time comedy pursuit behind for a more relaxed pace of life.

I was doing 13 shows a month all over the country, spending hours in my car on the road until I finally hit a wall in year 12 and decided I’d had enough of chasing the spotlight.

I don’t know how many times I performed in dingy clubs, with no climate control at all during the summer, with maybe six or seven uninterested people watching. I had many great shows and great memories but I now feel that comedy is not what I am feeling in my heart anymore and it is time to move on. I went to the local business a few years ago and bought a drum and have been playing drums and singing with a few friends along the paseo. I much prefer this type of lifestyle as opposed to constantly chasing after something and spending all of my time on the road and in rooms without air conditioning in front of aggressive crowds. I play volleyball on the beach a few times a week, well maybe more like every single day, and the other days I play music with my friends near the coast and have such a joyful time doing so. I work at the heating corp a few days a week to pay the bills and spend most of my free time pondering the meaning of life and looking for fun people to hang out with. Life’s for living and it doesn’t all need to be spent in a cubicle.

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