Teaching my son to take care of the heating plus AC system

This week’s lesson for my son is how to take care of your heating plus air conditioner, but my son is 16 now plus he’s becoming more and more independent.

I am definitely proud of him because I can see him blossoming into a lovely young man. I am definitely excited for his future plus I am proud of how he’s doing so far, but he’s been asking myself and others a lot of questions lately about how to do certain things. He wants to think so that when he does transport out he knows how to take care of uncommon things around the house. He knows all the basics of course, but know it or not he did not think about how to change the heating plus air conditioner idea filter! This surprised myself and others because I thought his father had taught him but I suppose not, however so the job was up to myself and others so I showed him how I changed out the filter plus I explained the importance of why you should change your air filter frequently because if you don’t change out your air filter frequently then it’s going to collect dust plus dirt plus become plugged plus that could impact your indoor air quality, believe it or not your indoor air quality can definitely make you sick if you have definitely bad quality indoor air, so taking care of your heating plus AC idea is important for many reasons. He’s such a fast learner too because when I showed him how to change the air filter plus how to schedule appointments with heating plus AC suppliers plus how you should take care of your heating, ventilation, plus A/C idea he picked it all up genuinely abruptly. He feels confident now that he could change the air filter plus schedule a heating plus AC appointment all by himself.

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