Temperature Control is on The Agenda Today

It is really hot out today, pushing over 95F outside with the heat index, and it is only going to get hotter.

I am trying to keep my flat the correct temperature as I don’t want it too cold in here or my power bill will be through the roof. I have a couple guests staying with me and I also want them to be comfortable so temperature control is my job while they are here and while the weather is crazy hot like this. I am going to stay in the flat today until about 6:30pm when it starts to finally cool off. So that means I have another four or so hours to chill and get stuff done around the house. I may hit the local business today and grab some Pink Lady apples so I have a snack in the morning. I like to eat apples with kefir each morning when I go for my bike ride along the coast. When the days are heating up like this I like to keep cool in the house till later and then head to the beach to see all of my friends. I also need to practice more Spanish because there are a lot of times when I am left out on the sidelines during conversations amongst my friends. I will master the language, even if I have to practice it with customers at my HVAC company where I work. I am trying to speak the language more and more so that I will have it mastered one day soon.

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