The A/C settings are too low in the gym

I personally feel like the A/C settings in my new gym are just way too low.

I don’t know why the guys who run the place like to keep the air conditioning turned down so low when everyone there is actually trying to break a sweat.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I personally would prefer it if it was hot inside of the gym because that way I could sweat a lot more a lot faster. That’s my whole point in going to the gym in the first place, after all. I really don’t get it, but I guess most of the people who are members of the gym feel like the temperature settings are fine. I just don’t like it being so cold there though. I guess it’s just a personal thing, but I would prefer to go to a gym that has no heating and cooling system in it at all. I mean, I would like it to have a ventilation system at least, but some kind of fan system would be perfectly fine with me. There just really doesn’t need to be any air conditioning in the gym. I guess there is probably a need for a heating system in the winter, but the air conditioning in the summer is a whole separate issue. I don’t like going in there, getting sweaty, and then freezing because the air conditioning is blowing down on my head. I love working out, but the A/C settings are just too low in the gym. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it. I may have to completely switch gyms if they don’t start adjusting the temperature.


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