The AC Wasn’t Working at Rental

I had a bad experience during my last trip.

Upon checking into my trip rental, I noticed how sizzling it was inside the unit.

I assumed the owner had left the AC off for economical reasons which I was willing to overlook. Unluckyly, when I went to the thermostat to adjust the temperature, I noticed that the AC was “on,” it just wasn’t running. The indoor temperature was 78 degrees despite being set to 70 degrees. Before unloading all my things, I contacted the rental owner. When she didn’t respond, I texted plus left a message about the AC not working. I waited almost an minute before she responded with more questions. Instead of coming to see it himself or fixing the issue, she asked myself and others to contact an Heating plus A/C contractor about it because she was out of town. I could not guess that she was asking myself and others to handle the broken AC myself as if I was running the rental. I was irritated at this point plus I told him that I would do no such thing. I was a paying guest plus it was not my responsibility to service a broken AC unit. I waited for him to offer myself and others a bizarre rental component or to compensate me, however she never did. Instead, I told him that I would not be staying in a rental separate from AC plus that I expected a full refund or I’d contact the debit card dealer. She wasn’t glad about my decision, although I did not care. It wasn’t my responsibility to service the AC.

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