The air conditioning business offering training classes

I had just come home from college.

  • I was about to graduate from technical college where I was doing a cause to become an a/c representative.

I had come home for the last break before sitting for my exams to gain my certification. When I got home, a friend of mine came to visit me. He worked as an a/c worker in one of the air conditioning companies in the area. My friend told me about a training program that the air conditioning business was offering to new graduates. The training program was to give new graduates more confidence in tackling any issues concerning air conditioners. This would be a great opportunity for me to perfect my skills. I could only run a simple a/c repair to improve the air quality. I had interacted with a few old and new air conditioning systems, but I needed more experience working with these machines to know my way around them. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the training program and it was as my friend had described. On the first day, we were shown how to do an air conditioning installation from beginning to end. The process was a bit different for equipment and it took me a while to perfect it. My dream of becoming an air conditioning supplier was slowly becoming a reality. After about a few months I was able to go on a/c service jobs. I helped streamline the a/c care plan that the business offered to customers. This plan was essential in keeping up with the air conditioning maintenance. The training program took about six months. By the end of this period, I was conversant with everything involved in a/c care.


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