The air conditioning damaged the beach house

The air conditioning unit tore up the beachside house while both of us were there on trip a couple of weeks ago & that’s when both of us had to call a local Heating and A/C supplier to come over & work on it for us.

The temps were just way too boiling there at the beach to try & live without the air conditioning for any amount of time, & Max and I had several mornings left on our trip at that point that both of us knew that it was going to be worth it to get it worked on.

Max and I decided to call the local Heating and A/C supplier & have them come out to look at it. Max and I were hoping that it wasn’t going to be anything major so that both of us would not have to pay a fortune for a repair. Max and I only go to the beachside house a couple of times a year, but usually it’s while I was in the hottest period of the year & so both of us easily have to have air conditioning whenever both of us are there. If you ever spend any time at the coast, you know that the humidity is usually an issue. Having the moist beach air blowing in through the windows all the time can legitimately make you be uncomfortable if you do not have air conditioning to dry the beach house out & cool it down. Max and I made the appointment, & the Heating and A/C supplier was easily accommodating, but the Heating and A/C supplier came to the beach house that same afternoon & they were able to get the concern with the air conditioning pinned down. She even had the spare parts with him that she needed to service it for us so it was a easily painless experience. Also, it did not even cost too much. I am ecstatic that both of us called.

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