The air conditioning is always set very low in our house

My family and I like to keep the air conditioning settings super low during the summer time.

Actually, we keep it pretty cold in our house most of the time because none of us like to be hot. We all like to keep the temperature settings around 64 degrees most of the time, which is way too cold for most people who come over to our house to visit. Our friends and family who come over to visit are always saying how cold it is in our house. We do like to have people over, and so we have decided that we’re going to start leaving out a guest basket by the front door so that people who come to see us can put on their fuzzy slippers and a warm sweater so they can enjoy their visit at our home. I know this sounds kind of silly, but it’s really become an issue with some of the people in our family. My sister says that she’s not coming back over to our house till the winter because she can’t stand the fact that it’s so cold in our house. I think that she’s really taking it a little bit too far. I don’t think it’s all that cold, but I guess some people are just more cold blooded than other people are. Anyway, from now on, if you want to come into our house and you think the A/C settings are too cold, then you are more than welcome to grab a sweater and some fuzzy socks or slippers from our new welcome basket.

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