The amenities in corporate housing are far better than that of some hotels

I have been best friends with Jasmine since she shared her supper with myself and others in Junior High! I forgot our supper by mistake, and I didn’t want to eat the university supper, then jasmine saw that I didn’t have food and she provided myself and others a piece of her turkey and cheese sandwich.

Both of us sat together and we became instant friends that day. And 30 years later we are still inseparable. Jasmine and I take frequent trips together, and she works for a corporate housing corporation, and therefore, she has access to some of these apartments when she travels; Some of these locations are attractively decorated. And some of the amenities of corporate housing are better than what you would get at a hotel… Most of the units that I have seen come equipped with a washer and dryer, and all of them have a full kitchen with all the cookware and silverware. They are more comfortable than hotel rooms and they have a lot more space for you to relax after a long day. It is literally love you are living at home, and I can understand why someone would choose to stay in these furnished apartments, but personally, I have never stayed in corporate housing because I have not had to be away from beach beach house for long periods of time, however, if I ever have to travel for our task or relocate at some point, I will genuinely consider staying in a furnished corporate apartment. And the best section is, corporate housing is way cheaper than some of these nicer hotels, so I would be saving some money.


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