The automotive performance shop charged myself and others less than the supplier auto body shop

I do not like going to the dealership to have labor performed on our truck.

The dealership constantly performs excellent repairs, however they also reset our tuner every time I take the truck to see them! I do not suppose why they reset the tuner.

I suppose it’s not necessary for them to do the labor on the truck. It might have something to do with emissions, however either way it is a big pain in the butt when I have to reprogram our car every time I need something repaired! When I needed to have some labor on the suspension as well as the brakes, I consulted with an automotive performance shop first. I did not want to take our car to the dealership again if it wasn’t particularly necessary. I spoke with many people as well as found that the best custom automotive shop was on the west side of town. Everyone seemed to request the same man when I asked around for the name of the best custom automation supplier in the area. I made an appointment to see the owner of the best custom automotive shop on Monday. I explained to the guy exactly what was happening with our vehicle, he seemed to understand what the trouble was as well as he felt that he could repair the problem easily. He asked myself and others to give him a couple of hours with the truck later that day. He had an oil change as well as a brake task already that day, but he was particular that he would be able to get to our truck in the day. The custom performance shop ended up charging myself and others a lot less than the supplier auto body shop as well as they did not reset our tuner.

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