The best HVAC worker gets the toughest jobs

Sometimes it sucks being the best worker at the company.

When an emergency arises, and important work needs to be done quickly, they always call me.

My boss is a fair man, and he knows how hard I work, so he definitely pays me well. He would never admit it, but if I were to leave the company he would be in trouble, because no one else here can do what I do, as well as I can do it. As I said, this can really suck sometimes, like when I was called in for an emergency furnace repair on Christmas Eve. I was watching a movie in front of the fireplace with my girlfriend, and it was almost Midnight when my boss called. He told me that there was an issue with the heating system at the local police headquarters. The heater was not working for any of the cells or holding tanks, and they couldn’t risk the prisoners freezing to death on Christmas Eve. I knew that the boss needed me, and I really didn’t want to go fix the furnace for the cops, so I pushed him for more money. I knew that he couldn’t make me go, so he had to bribe me to take the job. After I got promised triple pay I loaded up my gear and went to fix the old furnace. It only took two hours, so I made a ton of extra money without having to waste my whole night inside the police heating system. I don’t feel bad at all, because I don’t like cops.

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