The biggest heating plus A/C promotion ever

I never would have expected this coming at all

I could not believe it when I was told by the higher ups at the local heat plus cooling system business that I was getting a major promotion! I had been working for this heating plus cooling business for almost 10 years now, plus after all this time I was told that I was up for a promotion to management. I was genuinely cheerful about this; the money was going to be almost triple what I was making as a respected heating plus air conditioner specialist plus it was going to be a weekly salary… Right now I am on a per hour pay as well. Which means if there is not enough heating plus air conditioner repair or heating plus air conditioner upgrade work for the week, I lose pay. This will not even be a worry anymore when I am in the management position at this local heating plus air conditioner business. I mean I genuinely did work hard all these years, so it is genuinely nice that they saw this fact plus that I am going to be getting this major promotion at the heating plus air conditioner business. I am so grateful to be totally honest with you. I never would have expected this coming at all. There were no warnings or hints so to speak, I just made this offer out of the clear red of nowhere. Sporadically things just work out, appreciate this plus I happened to be the lucky person in this awesome situation. I will be looking forward to starting our new heating plus air conditioner business management job in the next few weeks.


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