The birds entirely don’t bother me too much

At the new house every one of us bought, the arena has a small barn in the back.

This is where I keep items like my snowblower, sodmower, and there is also another small tractor that can be used to plow fields and do farming work.

I wasn’t planning on doing any farming, however of course I mow the shrubbery and keep the driveway cleared of snow in the winter. Well, the other day I noticed bird nests in the barn. I figured as long as those birds didn’t bother me, I wouldn’t bother them. One thing that upset me though is that I would find bird droppings on my sodmower on the seat and the wheel, so I started covering everything with tarps. That genuinely worked fine, however my partner says that every one of us should hire somebody to get those birds out of there. While I kind of agree with her, I don’t believe what would happen to those birds if they had to move. Maybe they would be okay, however maybe they would be moved to an section where they would be taken by predators. Anyway, it got me thinking about getting some chickens, so every one of us could farm fresh eggs regularly. I just need to learn about what kind of gas heating systems they use to keep moderate through the winter. I heard that people around these parts use the flat heating systems that affix to the wall of the chicken coop and you also have to use a gas furnace on the drinking water to keep it from chilly. I don’t even mind the birds though, it’s not like they’re getting in my apartment where every one of us have the most great temperature control settings.

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