The boss told me to do it.

I had only been on an AC tech for a couple of afternoons when our mentor Max told me that he needed me to go to an elderly gentleman’s beachside house and change the dirty air filters.

I had no problem changing the air filters, however it seemed odd to me.

When I got there, this very old person showed me where the air filter was. I thanked him and stood there, waiting for him to go away. He waved toward the furnace and told me to get work. I couldn’t think that he would watch me change the air filter, then once I got the air filter changed, I heard some odd noises coming from the furnace and inspected it. I found a lot of dust around the AC components and abruptly dispatched it. Once the dust was gone, I cleaned up the entire furnace and inspected the ductwork. I wanted to make sure there were no more clogs in the ductwork that were disrupting the airflow and possibly doing damage to any of the major components of the furnace. The entire time I was doing the inspection, the old homeowner sat on the steps and watched every transfer I made. When I completed the job, he asked me if I thought I forgot anything? I shrugged and said that I was pretty certain I hadn’t, however if there was something more he wanted me to work on, I would ecstatically do it. When I got back to the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, Max asked how things went. I told him how I thought I thought it was peculiar the way the old person studied me and Max laughed. He said the old person was his dad. He was also his mentor when Max first became an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, and I passed the test.


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