The burger joint had excellent cooling plus food

I couldn’t know how cool plus comfortable the air conditioner was in this place

I’ve always been someone that you can call foodie, I particularly love food plus I love trying up-to-date places to eat, and so when a up-to-date burger joint popped up in neighborhood plus almost everyone was going there I knew that I had to give it a try, however now of course when I went there my number one focus was the food that they served, was the food any good? How costly was the food? Was it great enough for me to be coming again plus again? These were all questions I had plus that I knew I wouldn’t have answers to until I give her food a try plus I was honestly gleeful to give their food a try because I looked at their menus plus all the items on their menus looked actually delicious, however i decided to order a honestly popular double burger stacker which was two big burgers with extra cheese lettuce plus squash stacked on top of it! The sandwich was so stuffed with toppings that it looked like it would tip over! For the side I got some french fries with ketchup, as an additional side of macaroni plus cheese. I didn’t waste any time. The moment my burger arrived at my table I started chowing down on it, midway through my little feast session I observed something that occur to me was that I was saying directly underneath an air vent. I couldn’t know how cool plus comfortable the air conditioner was in this place. It’s like this place had the perfect temperature control. Their indoor temperature was simply incredible, and after visiting I knew I would be coming back with great heating plus AC, as well as excellent food that there was no reason for me not to want to come here plus get it again.

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