The cameras were set not to capture Alice while she was working

After a month when the movie was released, Alice saw herself in it

Alice followed the directions she got from her job and came upon a movie set. They were filming at a specific auditorium where the HVAC system had stopped working. The director had requested the local service provider to perform a quality HVAC service on the HVAC system while they shot their film. The phase director would set the cameras not to capture Alice while she was working. The HVAC system had been making funny noises before it eventually stopped working. The air quality was getting bad by the minute because the unit was emitting hot air. When Alice was on scene, she got to speak to a person who had the right information about the unit including the date of Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade. Alice began by examining the unit and realized it had faulty components which she replaced. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker that did the fitting had left a sticker on the unit, indicating the HVAC corporation he was from. Since Alice is a HVAC professional, she did manage to analyze the cooling technology. While cleaning the system, Alice got to check out the film. They were shooting a hospital scene. The actors looked like they had been in an accident, the makeup made the injuries look so real. While testing the weather conditions control device, Alice concluded that it was also not working. From the request of her customer, she updated it to a digital control unit that would help with indoor comfort. As the senior HVAC professional, it was her job at the Heating and Air Conditioning business, to educate the client on proper HVAC maintenance. After a month when the movie was released, Alice saw herself in it. It was not intended however it happened and she looked like she was meant to be an extra.