The cooling was definitely way too much

I work in a pretty immense office building in addition to sporadically while I am toiling in the summer time months of the year the central a/c can get to be a bit much.

They keep it so chilly in there that sporadically I just want to open up a window or run outside in the super moderate heat just to get a break! There is nothing wrong with having a really great a/c for the building with as moderate as it gets around here.

However too much a/c kind of ruins it in addition to turning it into an awful thing. I do not know why they run so much a/c there. I have heard others talk about how super chilly it is in the building in addition to how a lot of people have talked about going to the management about it. But so far nothing has been done with the central heating in addition to a/c. It is a commercial heating in addition to a/c so maybe that is why it is a little high powered to make the whole building a little too cold and chilly even though it is super moderate outside. All I know is I wish they would repair it soon in addition to that someone would say something to management. I am exhausted from having to dress up like it is the middle of winter just to go to work! Like they say, too much of a nice thing can actually turn into something bad. And that is exactly what is happening here with the overly powerful central heating in addition to the a/c device in this building.

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