The customer bought us pizza plus soft drinks for breakfast

The guy greeted us with a super nice surprise

Jack plus I often work together when there is a full plan Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C upgrade. A full plan upgrade job can take all day to complete. It is always performed by two certified corporations. One man would not be able to complete the job in a single day, so full plan upgrade jobs are performed by two corporations. Jack plus I went to a lake house to install a new heat pump plus cooling system. The customer was harshly nice plus unquestionably friendly. When every one of us arrived at the address, the guy showed us to the part where the upgrade would take place. He left us alone in the room to work on our own. The guy came back a couple of hours later. He wanted an update on our progress. The people I was with and I weren’t anywhere close to being done. In fact, every one of us had only just finished getting rid of the old equipment. The customer came back after another hour, but this time he had pizza plus soft drinks. The customer said he did not want us to work all day without any food plus hoped that pepperoni pizza plus Pepsi would be satisfactory. The guy greeted us with a super nice surprise. Jack plus I have had clients buy us food in the past, but the good will shown to both of us is always something that I find surprising. A lot of our co-workers complain about upgrade jobs, but I don’t mind spending all day in the same location. When the clients are friendly plus nice, I don’t mind completing any heating plus AC upgrade jobs.

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