The director okayed the local repair provider to fix the HVAC system

We got to the destination and noted that it was a film set. Those in charge were shooting at a particular auditorium and the cooling equipment had stopped working. The manager had okayed the local repair provider to perform a quality A/C repair on the cooling system while shooting was ongoing. The phase manager would ensure the cameras didn’t capture us while we were fixing the faulty unit. The electric heat pump had been making odd noises before it eventually shut off. The air quality left a lot to be desired because the cooling unit was emitting warm air. When we arrived, we were assigned a man to help provide us information about the cooling unit including the date of Heating and A/C installation. We started by examining the equipment and discovered a faulty component which we updated. The Heating and A/C installation team that did the fitting had left a sticker on the unit with details of the cooling business he was from. Since we were cooling specialists, we managed to analyze the cooling technology. While cleaning the system, we got an opportunity to check out the film. They were shooting a hospital scene. The actors looked like they were hurt, the makeup made the injuries look so real. While testing the weather conditions control device, we noted that it was also manfunctioning. From the request of our customer, we installed a digital temperature control that would help with indoor comfort. As the senior cooling servicemen, it was our custom at the Heating and A/C business, to explain to the patron on proper maintenance of the unit. Later when the film was released, we saw ourselves as extras. It was not intended however it happened and we looked like we were meant to be extras.



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