The dog treats are making the house smell

My wife and I have not been running the air conditioning in the house, because the temperatures are in the 70s, most of the time it’s nice enough to open up the front door.

My wife decided to make some dog treats a couple of days ago, and she used some fresh fish that I caught the previous day! The fish baking in the oven left a bad smell in the house, but I decided to turn on the air conditioning so we could run the air filtration system.

We have an advanced air filtration system in the home. It was part of the house when we bought the property. The previous owner was a company that owned a heating and A/C business. The house has more 3 A/C units on the top and bottom floors and it has an advanced air filtration proposal as well. There are ductless units in the washroom, guest room, and the garage, however all of the additional features were added by the previous owner. It costs a little bit of money to maintain these features. We have to buy air filters for the UV air purifier. They are about $15 every month. We also have to have a repair check up performed every 6 months. We use the same company that installed all of the machinery. They take good care of us and they charge fantastic prices. They also let us know if there are any issues that might cause an issue later down the road. It’s nice to have good quality repairs from a trusty and affordable HVAC company.

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