The fan wasn't like the a/c

I need a bit with my friend last week that a fan could work just as good as an air conditioning system and that buying a brand new air conditioner was completely unnecessary.

This came after the conversation of my friend saying that she wanted to buy a brand new central air conditioning system.

Her reasoning was was because hers was very old and did not run very efficiently anymore. She knew that a big purchase like that would not be inexpensive but she figured if it meant that she was going to upgrade her house that it would be completely worth it for her to buy the brand new air conditioning system. I told her that in my opinion I think a fan would work just as well and that she really didn’t need to upgrade to a brand new air conditioning system. When I said this she looked at me like she was shocked and she told me there was no way a fan could even compare to a central air conditioning system because a central AC can work to cool the entire house at once where is a fan can only cool one room. Well it’s maybe true I told her that I use a fan for nearly everything and it works good for me. So I challenged her to live a week using only a fan and see if it changed her mind. She tried it and as you might expect, she still preferred the central air conditioning system. She didn’t like having to stay in one room just to stay cool. All and all the air conditioning system is better.

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