The finance company gave us more options

When my girlfriend and I ended up in a situation where we needed a new furnace, we didn’t have any way to pay all of the fees. We had about $400 an hour savings account, but that wasn’t going to cover all of the costs for a brand new furnace installation job. We spoke with the manager at the heating company about our situation and he told us that they work with a number of different finance companies to give us more payment options. The manager gave me a telephone number to call and he told me to contact the finance company. I told the lady at the finance company that I was trying to get a brand new furnace and the name of the company that I was using. She told me that they use the company all of the time and that she thought they provided excellent service. There were a lot of people that provided great reviews for the company that was doing the installation work. That made me feel even better about our choice to pick the furnace installation business. We ended up with a brand new furnace that will heat our home for the next 10 years or more and it won’t take that long to pay for the machine. We worked out a nice payment plan with the company so that we have affordable payment stretched out over a couple of years. By the time we’re done paying, we will have a brand new furnace and our credit score will probably rise by a couple of points.


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