The fireplace was warm plus cozy plus unquestionably romantic

My fiance plus I went to the mountains to celebrate our engagement.

I took a couple of afternoons off work, so every one of us could go to the mountains plus stay for a whole weekend, including Tuesday plus Sunday.

My fiance was harshly cheerful about the accommodations, especially when I told his that the chalet had a fireplace. My fiance plus I traveled to the mountain lake house last weekend. The long plus winding road up to the chalet was steep plus treacherous. There was no shoulder on the right side of the road plus it was a sheer drop from the top to the bottom. I was really feeling a little bit uneasy to drive us up the hill. Thankfully our fiance was a cheerleader. She made me guess appreciate the drive was not a big deal. The people I was with and I arrived at the chalet plus everything was ready for us to stay that weekend. The owner of the chalet had the bed made plus the heat running. There was plenty of wood stacked by the fireplace along with a can that had kinlin, small twigs, plus pieces of coconut husk, then after every one of us put our bags in the living room plus settled down, I decided to make a fire. It took a couple of attempts to get something started, but once the fireplace was running, I didn’t let the fire go out at all during our four day adventure. Just a handful of nights, our fiance plus I didn’t even sleep in the living room. The people I was with and I laid on the couch in front of the fireplace where it was warm plus cozy.

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