The football game didn’t stop for anything.

When my son was in high school, he wanted to go out for football.

He had talked about football since he was a little kid, and he was as excited now as he was then.

I had heard a lot about high school boys getting concussions playing football, and how it ruined their life when they got older. My husband thought he would be okay, but I wasn’t so sure. I went to every game so I could be there if he got hurt. I wanted to go to practices, but my husband wouldn’t let me. I knew it was supposed to snow for their last game, and I thought twice about going. I thought they would cancel the game because of the extreme cold and snow, but I thought wrong. The football game didn’t stop for anything, and that includes bad weather. I grabbed my battery operated space heater and headed to the game. The space heater didn’t keep my space warm, but my feet were warm. The space heater soon gained a lot of interest. My best friend sat in front of me, and the mother of my son’s girlfriend sat next to me. Everyone wanted a share of my portable space heater. I couldn’t believe that no one other than me had thought to bring a space heater to the football game. A part of me was hoping their team would lose the game, so I didn’t need to go to another one, but my son was looking forward to the playoffs. That just meant a few more games toting the space heater and hoping nothing happened to my son.

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