The furnace in the patio is loud

Some things never change.

When I was 8 years outdated I certainly hated going down to our parents basement because I had this furnace that was loud and creepy, but now the furnace works actually well at keeping the house heated, in fact as outdated as it is I am surprised it’s still around so it’s been a grade for, but aesthetically it is not pleasing, the basement is already cold, dark and creepy as it is, it does not need an eerie orange glowing furnace to add to it… Sometimes I swear that thing is alive. The noises it makes might convince you. Now of course these were all the things I thought when I was a kid, now here’s the thing that has not changed at all those years every time I still go over to our parents’ house I feel pretty much the same way, the basement is creepy, the furnace is creepy, and it still makes eerie noises as if it’s alive. The main difference between now and then is that back then I absolutely thought that the furnace was a living thing that would swallow me whole. Now that I am much older I guess better than that, but that does not mean that the furnace does not still creep me out. I actually try to avoid it as much as I can, even if it’s been a good furnace for our parents. I am ecstatic that in our own home I have our normal central heating and A/C system. If I were to get a furnace I might get one of those current electrical oil furnaces but I don’t guess I would ever get one of those outdated things that our parents have.


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