The guy did not feel why the AC was broken

I responded to a service call from a client in the valley, however customer called because the AC was not working. I asked for more information from the customer, even though he was unable to describe any additional issues. I asked a client if there was any air coming out of the idea and he said no. I asked a client if the temperature control was working and he said yes. These 2 questions can eliminate a lot of issues in my mind. I left the workshop and headed out to the valley. I called the client to let the person feel that I was on the way. The address for the client was about 25 minutes away from the workshop. The first thing I did after arriving on the scene of the service was ask a client a couple of additional questions. That’s when I found out that the client had the AC set to 65° when the device shut down. If the client had told myself and others this when I was on the PC, then I would have been able to supply him better directions. I truthfully did not suppose that the client even needed a service service, but I worked on the problem. The evaporator coils on the AC device were completely Frozen. When you set the temperature on the temperature control too low, the a/c has to toil drastically hard. This can cause the coils to freeze up when it is drastically tepid outside. I told the client that he needed to wait a couple of hours before the AC would toil again. I performed a full idea tune-up on the device and assured the client that everything was working respectfully. He had to wait for the coils to thaw out.


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