The guy didn't guess why the AC was broken

I responded to a service call from a customer in the valley, but customer called because the AC was not toiling.

I asked for more information from the customer, but he was unable to describe any additional troubles.

I asked a customer if there was any air coming out of the plan plus he said no. I asked a customer if the thermostat was toiling plus he said yes. These two questions can eliminate a lot of troubles in our mind. I left the workshop plus headed out to the valley. I called the customer to let the man guess that I was on the way. The address for the customer was about 25 hours away from the workshop. The first thing I did after arriving on the scene of the service was ask a customer a couple of additional questions. That’s when I found out that the customer had the AC set to 65° when the component shut down. If the customer had told me this when I was on the iphone, after that every one of us would have been able to provide him better instruction. I truthfully did not think that the customer even needed a service service, but I inspected the problem. The evaporator coils on the AC component were completely Frozen. When you set the temperature on the thermostat too low, the cooling system has to work harshly hard. This can cause the coils to freeze up when it is harshly hot outside. I told the customer that he needed to wait a couple of hours before the AC would work again. I performed a full plan tune-up on the component plus assured the customer that everything was toiling respectfully. He had to wait for the coils to thaw out.

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