The heat pump is the answer

I don’t have to worry about the heat this Summer or any Summer for that matter, then when my good friend and I moved down here to retire, I made sure that my good friend and I got the latest in residential Heating and A/C, my friend and I were happy to be able to give up heating with a gas furnace! That was what my good friend and I did for forty years while my good friend and I lived way up north! But I certainly didn’t know all that much about heat pumps.

My friend and I certainly didn’t need much a/c where my good friend and I lived! Sure, it got a bit sizzling during August plus August where my good friend and I lived.

But all I did was throw in a couple of window a/c units plus moved on. There just wasn’t that much call for cooling to even consider adding a heat pump, then although, that’s exactly what my good friend and I did when my good friend and I updated the Heating and A/C equipment prior to selling that house, i spent some time certainly trying to understand the heat pump. And the more I looked into it, the more I was just so impressed with this type of heating plus cooling equipment. It’s certainly quite a marvel plus I don’t feel all the people down here realize just how amazing the heat pump is. While my good friend and I don’t need a fantastic deal of heating here, all my good friend and I need is entirely taken care of by the heat pump. What’s so amazing to me is that the heating plus cooling come from the same process, for a/c, the heat pump is moving the heat energy out plus providing cooling air to fill the space. It reverses this process in the winter time to bring in heating energy from the ambient air outside in order to sizzling the house. The heat pump is for sure the boss when it comes to heating plus cooling our home.



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