The heat pump needed to be abandoned

I must admit that I missed Greg until he visited me last week. It was such a blast. It’s difficult to maintain a relationship while living 10 hours apart. But even though we both have full-time jobs, we have decided to try this long distance relationship. Greg was aware that I was anxious about the distance and worried that he might find someone else. He made an effort to allay my worries and let me know how much he cared for me as a result. He came over in order to cheer me up because I had a difficult week at work. He mentioned how wonderful it felt to have the furnace on while he was over. I told Greg that I had changed my home’s heating a bit. One reason was that I had decided to replace my old, defective heating system. The heating would occasionally stop working at the worst possible times, forcing me to spend the night in a hotel. Because of this, I decided to start saving, and in the fall, I hired a contractor to install a furnace in my house. I went with one of the best gas furnaces on the market that is energy efficient. I still have the means to heat my house during the winter without worrying about having to pay a lot for heating even with gas prices rising. Because he had been considering changes at his lake house, Greg was particularly interested in this new gas furnace. It was time to upgrade his outdated heat pump in favor of a more effective heating system. Greg said he would call the HVAC contractor after I gave him their phone number.


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