The holiday home didn’t have a enjoyable Heating & A/C system

The holiday home that we stayed in last summer time did not have what you would call a enjoyable Heating & A/C system, that’s for sure.

When we rented the site, I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that we would be there while in the middle of the summer.

I just assumed that since we were going to be up in the mountains, it was not going to be all that hot, plus, since it was so extravagant, I just assumed that the arena would have air conditioning in it. The two of us were actually surprised when we got there plus found that there was no central air conditioning in the home at all. I know that’s why you should not know things. I should have made sure from the rental agreement that the arena had air conditioning in it before I ever sent the payment or signed the papers. I know that was my fault. However, whoever’s fault it was, it did not help the fact that we were stuck in this home separate from any air conditioning for a week. And whoever says that it doesn’t get warm in the mountains is a big liar. The two of us were so warm that week that we did not actually know what to do with ourselves. There was barely any breeze at all, plus the only way that we could cool off was to go down to the creek plus splash around. At least the water was cold in the creek. Other than the fact that we did not have access to any air conditioning, we legitimately actually had a great time. It also made us love our more when we got home
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