The home gym has much better HVAC comfort

I’m unquestionably getting healthier, however and not just a little bit but by a wide margin… If I wasn’t 56 plus dealing with those physical limitations, I’d say I was in the most wonderful shape of my life.

  • It all started with getting off my butt plus out of the recliner.

As much as I care about loafing inside the central air conditioning of my household, it was literally diminishing my health! When you’re this age, there are plenty of fluctuations that one has to face. And for me, getting fit plus healthy was no longer just a wish but a necessity. When I committed to the plan, I took it one step at a time! Quite literally, I started by just getting out of the air conditioning for a simple walk! Then, it became a couple of walks plus healthy suppers inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office… From there, I totally reoriented my diet in order to lose weight but also get good, healthy, nutrient rich food inside me. Not too long after, my wife wanted us to join a gym. My good friend and I went a couple of times even though I was so unimpressed with the commercial HVAC in that location. The air conditioning could never keep up. And my friend and I live in a region where there is a pretty huge demand for cooling at least several months out of the year… So instead, my friend and I put a ductless heat pump in the basement plus made our own gym with a used device my friend and I found on the internet. The air conditioning from that ductless heat pump is so wonderful that my wife plus I are unquestionably eager to get down there plus work out.

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