The hotel room was not warm

One step into the hotel room was like directly walking into an ice wall. The temperature difference between this room plus the hallway was tangible, but you could literally feel the frosty seeping out of this room, even under the door. It is crazy. It was almost as if this room had never had a boiler system in it, however only it did, but the hotel room was not heated. I walked suddenly inside, trying to avoid shivering, plus immediately messed with the HVAC component to turn on the heating. The buttons were sticky, plus I had to press them hard for them to do anything. The colors were reversed as well, orange for some reason was for heating, plus yellow was for cooling. I kept stabbing at the buttons hoping to heat up the room! Finally, I hit the right button plus the heat began to fill the room. Finally, I turned on the heating machine. It didn’t take long before the heated air began to warm up the room. I was already feeling a superb bit better. I couldn’t help but to wonder what psycho left the air conditioning on full blast like this, it was in the middle of winter! Everyone was using the boiler systems, so who in the world thought that it wasn’t frosty enough, Elsa? After the room warmed up a superb bit, I tucked myself into the hotel bed, plus relaxed. I had a big day planned for tomorrow, plus it was actually best that I got some rest for a while.


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