The hotel that both of us stayed in was described as atomic

The hotel that both of us stayed in a couple of weeks ago was described as atomic on their website.

I didn’t legitimately guess what that meant at the time, however I believe it means that they ascribe to the decorations of the atomic age, meaning that the place looks love it’s from an seasoned cartoon that was trying to be futuristic.

I legitimately liked the sleek, current look of the place however at first, I couldn’t figure out the heating plus cooling plan in the room that both of us were staying in. both of us were up on the 5th floor or the hotel plus so it was pretty hot up there when both of us first got to the room. I believe the place doesn’t keep the air conditioning running all over the building in order to save electricity. That makes sense to me, for the most part. I was just confused about the fact that the room was so hot whenever both of us first arrived up there. At first, I was afraid that somehow, I had booked a hotel room without any air conditioning in it. If that had been the case, then both of us legitimately would have had to leave plus find another room anywhere else. I don’t do well without air conditioning in the summer. However, once both of us got moved into the room plus both of us started looking around, that’s when both of us noticed that there was a ductless mini break air conditioning unit installed on the wall in the corner. It even had a little remote control unit with it. It was a shiny silver model plus it blended right into the decor.


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