The house was radiantly heated

As the summer months were rolling around, I knew that I needed to get an air conditioning system.

  • So I decided to buy one locally from an individual online that was selling a window air conditioning system.

I didn’t need a brand new central air conditioning system, the central air conditioner system I have right now is doing me just fine, but I wanted a window air conditioning system to use in addition to the central AC system because I would need it for the summer if I wanted to stay cool in my house. When I went and met the guy who assigned the air conditioning system I was surprised to see that when I walked into his house the floor felt warm to my feet, it was so warm I could even feel my shoes! I had never experienced such a thing before so I had a curiosity. I asked him why the floors were warm and he said that he had a radiant heated flooring system. I asked him what radiant heated flooring was and he explained that it was something that he purchased from the local heating and I AC business and he explained how it worked. He told me that a heating element is installed underneath the floorboards and that beats the house and makes his home nice and toasty and more. I was surprised that he was using his heating system when the weather was warming up but I guess he loved using it so much that he wanted to use it even in the warm weather.

Hybrid HVAC system