The importance of increasing your air filters

I have a friend that has a problem with his heating and cooling system.

She has been asking me for advice about his heating and A/C plan however for me it’s actually aggravating.

I certainly do care about hanging out with my friend and I don’t mind helping his out. But the problem is, I supply his advice and he just doesn’t listen! Like for instance just Last yearshe was telling me how he has been having complications with the indoor air conditions in his home. So he called me up on the phone and he was asking me for advice about what he thought I could do to take care of the indoor air conditions issue. I told his to change his air filters if he had not done so already, and if the indoor air conditions was still disappointing that it might be something else that was causing the issue and he should look into getting something savor a sitting media air cleaner. I also mentioned that he had the chance of getting a whole loft air purification plan if the problem was certainly disappointing and couldn’t be solved through other more inoverpriced means. My advice but he did not even follow any of it! I called his again and told his to get the opinion of the heating and A/C experts and he did that. I asked his what they said and he told me basically the same thing I said. I did not ask his why he did not take care of his indoor air conditions problem? She told me it was too much of a hassle and he did not want to bother with it. So then I told his about the health effects of living in an environment with disappointing indoor air conditions and he did not seem to like that either! Don’t ask for help with your heating and a/c if you’re not going to try to repair it.
Cooling technician