The joke that was the air conditioner installation

When I got home, I noticed that the system was not working

We had been running audits on the company which took so much of our time. I would spend almost twelve hours in the office each day. It was a good thing this only happened one week once a year. When I got to my house, I was welcomed by hot stale air. I headed to the basement to check on the air conditioner but it was off. I tried looking through the a/c care plan the a/c representative had shared with me during the last a/c service, three years back. Nothing was making sense and I could not get the unit to work, so I resorted to my mobile fan for the night. In the morning, I called the air conditioning business and I was assigned a team of a/c workers to come to check my unit. I requested my neighbor to let them in since I was leaving for work. At around ten in the morning, the air conditioning supplier called me and explained that my unit was beyond repair and I needed to wire money for a new air conditioning system. I was fine with that since I needed a functioning unit. I reiterated that they also fix the issues with the air quality. After the air conditioner installation was done, I received a notification. When I got home, I noticed that the system was not working. It turns out that the workers had done a shoddy job with the installation. After complaining, I got a different team who redid the fitting and advised on some essential a/c care and air conditioning maintenance tips. The air conditioning company was very apologetic and even offered complimentary a/c repair sessions.



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