The local HVAC repair company is backed up right now

I called the heating as well as A/C supplier that day to see if they could come out and help myself and others with my a/c but they said they are backed up and will come out as soon as possible. Today is 1 of those hotter than normal afternoons and I am sure a lot of other people are calling the heating as well as A/C companies to get immediate help. I guess I just need to wait my turn but it is so sizzling in my new home right now that I recognize the love I am going to pass out. I have the fan on high right in front of myself and others but it isn’t doing much to keep myself and others cool. My central heating as well as A/C unit stopped genuinely working last night and it has just been getting hotter and hotter since. I think it has a leak and ran out of coolant so I am also sure it is going to need repair or upgradement to get it going again. I just hope I don’t need a whole new unit right now because I genuinely don’t have the currency for it. Maybe the local heating as well as A/C supplier can do some kind of financing if I have to buy a new 1, but ideally it would be good if they could just repair my unit and keep myself and others going for 1 more year while I save for a new 1. I can get another part-time task and could receive enough to buy a new unit from that currency alone after a year or so. I’ll just wait and see what the heating as well as the A/C guy says when he comes out.